Ati Driver and AMD VISION Control Panel Help!

My laptop has a ATI Radeon HD 4200 built-in but I had driver problems before I update the driver from Windows Update.

Before I have the AMD Auto-Detect download the Control panel and Driver, It was good for a while and the control panel worked with that version. But one day I wanted to play Portal on my laptop, then I saw though my games models because there was holes, triangles, squares, and etc. in everything. I started to panic because I thought my on-board card was dying but it was the drivers it installed caused all that mess.

After I installed the Windows Update for my Graphics card, I saw Portal was running and looking has it should, but my AMD VISION does not see the driver to show configurations for the card.

AMD Auto-Detect Drivers = Control Panel worked
Windows Update Drivers = Control Panel Stops Working

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  1. What's your laptop's manufacturer?
    Download the drivers from their site.
  2. dont use windows update to update amd/ati drivers. because there often months out of date when you finally get them...(windows tried to update my drivers last week and tried to give me 11.11 drivers which were issued 5-6 months ago...

    goto amd's/ati's site and get them yourself and install them... they are issued every 3 months from this month for every card up to the 4xxx series. the 5xxx and above will continue to get monthly updates... reason being is there are no performance gains to be had for the older cards. so the quarterly update will just fix stuff rather than improve stuff... the problem is that if you find you have an antialiasing issue in a new game your likely to have to wait another 2+ months b4 its fixed for you while owners of newer cards will have the issue fixed within a month...
    currently 12.4 is the latest for any 1 with 5xxx series or better cards
    if you have a 450+watt psu then consider an upgrade to at least a 58xx series.
  3. Laptop drivers (from YOUR laptop site, not from AMD) may be out of date but often you are forced to use them.

    Uninstall any drivers from your laptop for Catalyst/AMD/ATI and install the latest ones from your laptop site and version of Windows.

    It MAY be possible to use the latest AMD drivers but I can't confirm that. My best guess is you either can't or shouldn't.
  4. ^+1
    The laptop drivers are different from the usual ones that AMD provides.
  5. i am just afraid the graphics be the same from the laptops drivers site, and i am not trying to be difficult.
  6. yer not being difficult. we know how much of a pain this can be so dont worry about it. if you have any more questions feel free to ask em.
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