firewire vs USB 2.0

ok whcih would you get external firwire hard drive or external USB hard drive?

I read the review on toms site and both are about the same.
Bit it went on to say that firewire can deliver continueous stream of data. Which is good for highquality video stream and real-time data transfer. I have no idea what that means.

does he mean playing a quality video form the drive? And what does he mean by real time data transfer? wtf is that?

bah ... any other suggestions for a backup medium? I'm also thinking of dvd+-r/+-rw. Either or, both the same almost.


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  1. Real time requirements, my favourite topic of all time.
    Basically, some first person shooter game is a great example. If your framerate drops to 5fps for a couple of seconds every time the sh*t really hits the fan, guess who's going to bite the dust. Those few seconds might not make a noticeable dent to your <i>average</i> frame rate, but you'd still get fragged a lot. :smile:

    Same goes for video streaming. There has to be some guaranteed <i>minimum</i> transfer rate at any given time to avoid glitches in the playback or recording. Firewire tries to give such guarantees, and presumably does a better job at it than USB2.0.

    If you're only using the drive for backups, go for USB2.0 drive. USB2.0 will probably be the more commonly found interface and it's average speed is a little better. But if you're planning to actually do some work or gaming while you back up stuff, pick a drive with the Firewire interface. Your rig already has lots of other USB devices. Some of them, like the flash reader, are relatively demanding in bandwith. If you use them in parallel with a USB2.0 HD, the HD will have to compete for the bandwith with them.

    In case of an external DVD burner, I guess I'd go for a Firewire device. Don't know jack about DVD burning, but if it's anything like CD burning... buffer underruns just aren't fun.

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