Sharing resources between two networks (3800HGV-B)

I am trying to figure out how to share printers and folders between two different networks. My Current set up is AT&T Uverse 2Wire 3800HGV-B with a Linksys WRT320N running WRT plugged into one of the 3800's lan ports. The WRT's WAN port is plugged into the 3800 LAN port. The Ip set up is as follows:

2Wire, Inc. 3800HGV-B (My Router / Internet Connection)

Linksys WRT320N (Kids Router) WAN LAN

I use the WRT to manage the kid's Internet usage and limit their bandwidth. Everything works great EXCEPT they ( cannot reach resources on the network and I ( cannot reach resources on the network. I imagine its because the 2wire router does not know how to get to the network. The configuration of the 3800 isnt very intuitive. If I could, I would just put a route in the 3800's routing table so that it knows that is behind

Anyone that knows how to configure that 3800 to do this, PLEASE HELP!!! This is driving me nuts! :bounce:
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  1. The simplest way would be to put both routers inside the same network (192.168.1.x *OR* 192.168.0.x) Is there a particular reason these need to be on separate networks?
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