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Torrent on university wifi

Hiii guys Need some help
Actually i want to run uTorrent on my university WiFi but it is proxy blocked I can access the torrent sites via Ultrasurf But can not connect torrent client on network anyone help me how can i do it and at how much speed it download On IDM downloadin speed is 1-2mbps
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  1. It's blocked for a reason. No help bypassing security here.
  2. I don't want to rain on your parade or anything, but it's probably blocked for a reason...
  3. It is not the way to Help .Our govt. University from where they pay these bills ,from tax or fee paid by us So will u help me
  4. Why do you even ask when you already have the answer. It is not possible to get past a proxy server directly. That is they key reason they use a proxy rather than a firewall. If they were really smart they would have disabled your ability to access these proxy avoidance sites.

    Your problem I suspect is you want it all for free. The free sites generally will not allow you to pass large amounts of traffic since THEY have to pay for it even if you do not.

    If you are willing to pay for it you will have no issues....until they get smart and block the site.
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    Hey , every problem has its solution
    i did solve the problem at the public library
    i am able to actually install utorrent from a usb chip
    on a public computer with torrent and video games sites disable,,,by admin

    but then , i still cant access torrent sites ( sites are blocked...)
    so i save the torrent addresses from a private regular computer
    ( like a friend computer with internet for example)
    and then from library , after intalling utorrent
    simply drag youre torent addresses from your usb chip to torrent windows
    click OK...ET VOILA

    your files are saved automatically in Download ( on the C: )
    i actually run all day from opening to closing ...over 10 gb a day for free

    on some public computer, installing firefox first, and adding exeption
    to firewall also help
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