Yamaha (CRW-F1ZE)?

Has anyone seen the new burner from Yamaha (CRW-F1ZE). On paper it lookes impressive in the extreeme. Has anyone seen it in action.

Though it's not the fastest burner on the market, it claims unsurpased quality. The burner is supposed to burn as well at 44x as at 1x, even on audio cd's. A feat not performed by any burner I've had the privelege of laying eyes on.

Pain is the realization of your own weakness.
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  1. well I've had mine for about a week now and I'm in search of things that it won't burn at 44x...
    the audio feature is quite nice, though only did it at 8x, made a nice cd... the DiscT@2 feature is cool, but it depends on your color of cd and what you write, otherwise you can't see much of anything... other than that, it's burned everything from mp3, mpg, avi (dvd rip of full metal jacket) and file backup, all at 44x, without a problem. I think the longest time it took was about 6 min 27 sec to make a backup of diablo2 disc 1
    that's bout it
  2. Thanks for the info. If problems (or unexpected pleasures) come up, post them.

    Pain is the realization of your own weakness.
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