how to save cmd file, ex: we r going to cmd and telnet the router we r showing the file that file how to get...
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  1. Do you want to download a file from the router?
    From what I understand, your problem is telnet, not cmd.
    Unfortunately, telnet is not really ment for file transfer. If it's a text file, not very large, then copy/paste is your option. More options depend on the router SW.
  2. with > you can send cmd output to a text file

    example.bat > example.txt
  3. segate 500GB hard drive how much frndz please tell me?
  4. If this is a config file you want to get then you can simply use the WebUI and download from there, there should be an option. If you are trying to get a different file than that changes things. You will probably need to telnet to the router (if it supports the telnet protocol, then ftp the file to your pc. There is a chance your router doesn't support telnet though! There is also a chance that you can't get access via telnet!
  5. Yeah, it would help if you could explain more clearly, what are you trying to do, and what did you do so far, step by step.
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