Connection/slow speed issues, modem vs router vs swtich

I have a new house and decided to be adventurous and wire each room with cat 6. Each room tested out ok and can connect to a buffalo NAS run off the switch. My setup – Time warner cable into their modem. From the modem into a Linksys EA6500 router. From the EA6500 router I’m plugged into a Netgear JGS524 24 port switch. Each port in the switch goes to a room in the house, including 8 to my office. The whole setup (NAS, router, modem, switch) is on a rack in the basement 5 feet from the electrical box. I work from home in a bandwidth intensive environment. I also have a number of wireless devices (android phones, ipad, ipod etc) hooked up via the wireless on the Linksys. In addition I have a wireless repeater a NetGear WN3000RP. I have no problems pinging the NAS that goes through the switch. Here’s my problem. I’m getting intermittent connection issues, from no internet at all, to speeds ranging from .22 Mbps down to 75 Mbps down. My ip address for the modem is and the router is Everything else is assigned an address by the router. When I first got the modem it was on and the router was at and I had all kinds of issues like random disconnects, so I presumed they had to be on the same subnet, but I haven’t had any improvement with the change. I’m rated to get 50 Mbps down and 5 up. Upload speed has been consistently 4-5 which is within range, it’s always been the download speed that has been all over the place. On top of it all, the wireless repeater can see the WLAN but not the LAN which makes no sense to me whatsoever as the router is plugged directly into the switch. I plugged in directly to the modem and had the same issues with speed, which makes me think it’s a modem issue, however, since I do work from home I want to be sure I’m not missing anything glaring. I’d also like to get the wireless repeater issue resolved. Any ideas? Am I getting interference from the electrical? I had thought with insulated cable I’d be OK.
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  1. As soon as you tested the modem directly and had the same issues, it's nothing with the rest of the wiring. Make sure you have the netgear setup properly, sounds like the IP setup is not matching the rest of the network.
  2. Here's where I am now. Disconnected the router completely, plugged the modem directly into the switch. Time warner states they don't support more than 8 'or so' connections. I have the wireless on the modem working. I'm still getting random disconnects on VPN. This of course makes zero sense to me. The modem was replaced yesterday and had to be reset this morning. ISP of course denies it's their problem. VPN computer is tied directly into the modem and still get random disconnects, other pc connected to modem is slow as heck, 8 down and 5 up or so. The pcs on the switch work perfectly. Suggestions?
  3. VPN? If you are using a VPN connection it could be that, VPN can slow network speeds down. Is a single computer connected to the ISP's modem slow as well? No VPN, just using the standard setup from the ISP.
  4. Just one PC (the work one) using VPN. That's the one that hangs/drops, etc. Which is odd, I've worked in hotels, offices all over the US and connected via VPN and never had issue with this. It didn't give me confidence when I spoke with someone at geeksquad, time warner and our local phone company that has DSL had never heard of VPN. I've contacted my employers help desk for help maybe with a new configuration for it. Without VPN, speed is actually slower, at least at the moment, but the speed is all over the board from 8 to 75 down today (I pay for 50 down). One PC will be at 8, the other at 52, on back to back tests, on the same switch. I'm open to the fact that VPN may be the issue as the worst of the worst problems happen when I'm connected. Hopefully my help desk can clear that issue. Either way, will post with resolution (hopefully soon).
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