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I live in a crowded apartment complex and I recently was told that everyone has been listening to my music and going through my things from their computers. When I open up windows media player I can see other peoples laptop names and such, but it says that I don't have permission to access their libraries. Why then, can everyone else view mine? So my question then is how do I block this so that I am the only one on my network who can access my information? Someone said that it shows up in their iTunes with my name and playlist, but I don't even have an iTunes or an iPod! Please help, cause this makes me feel pretty self-conscious, thanks!
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  1. You have to turn off your sharing. Don't allow iTunes to broadcast your libraries (you can find it in prefs or google it), and double check your Windows sharing. Ask someone in the complex to show you how they are accessing your stuff, take notes, then ask here and we can direct you the right way.
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