No permissions after upgrade to Win8

Hi guys and gals,

I upgraded from Win7 to Win8 and turned off UAC first thing.

Been having a TERRIBLE time with permissions after the upgrade. At first, I couldn't save any files to my external USB drive. Struggled with that for about an hour until I somehow found the magical combination of settings that worked. Why did that even happen? The drive wasn't even plugged in when I did the upgrade. SMH. Anyhow, that's not why I'm posting.

Now I'm having trouble installing programs. Tried to install mIRC today, only to be met with this lovely error:

I have both taken ownership and granted Full Control, as depicted here:

Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks in advance... I'm ripping my hair out over this.
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    Well I feel stupid that it was this easy. Right click installer -> Run as Administrator. Strange that you still need to do that with UAC disabled when you're logged in as Administrator. And it's ONLY with mIRC. Other installers don't seem to have the same requirement.
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