Daemon Quest (spoilers)

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Hi all. Don't post on Usenet very often, but I'm not into the IF
community to know where else to go.

There was this one trilogy of DOS text adventure games that I've had for
almost 15 years called "Daemon Quest". All three games stumped me pretty
good. I posted to Usenet a few years ago (
http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=135 ) to see if
anyone knew anything about them and got a reply from the author.
Unfortunately even he had all but forgotten of them :( Just this last
week I decided to scape them together and submit them to their new home
on the Interactive Fiction Archive ( http://www.ifarchive.org/ - direct
link: http://www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/pc/dquest.zip ).

I sat down and mapped out as much as I could of the first game, but I'm
stuck once again. One limiting factor is that I can only find one copper
coin (by digging it up on the beach), and this is what I have discovered
that I can do with it:

* I can get the Windstone from the Elves - I can't remember) by
buying cinnamon and putting it in the cook's food to get the king to
leave his throne room. Once I have the stone, I can of course put it in
the Door, but that doesn't get me anything unless I get the other three
* I can bet with the man under the tavern in the first town (PULL
CASK to reveal the stairs to the cellar), but his dice are rigged so
that I always lose (I never seem to roll higher than a 7)
* I can buy a knife from the armorer, but what can I do with that?
* I can buy a mirror from the apothecary, but don't know what to do
with it. I thought maybe I could show the Lord guy how weird his eyes
look, but I couldn't figure out a way to make that happen
* There are probably a few more things I might be able to buy from
the various shops for a single coin, (deck of cards, poison potion, bag
of flour to name a few) but none have any obvious use, so I haven't tried

Items I've been able to acquire:

* Windstone
* cinnamon
* dice
* rubber mallet
* garlic (cook gives it to you after you put cinnamon in his pot
* knife
* coin
* note (hidden in the tree near your house
* bag of sugar (you start with it)

Other leads:

* I think I need to get the nugget of mithril from the cliff to
trade with the Dwarf king for the Earthstone, but I don't know how to
extract it (need a pickaxe or something)
* There's something weird about that Lord guy's eyes that probably
has to do with getting the Firestone from him
* Someone stole the Waterstone from the humans, and none of them
are at their castle, so something weird is going on there. All I found
was a cot that I can't figure out what to do with. The citizens of North
Town may have some clues, but I have no idea what to ask them (nothing
I've tried triggers anything)
* The swordsman and barbarian in Riverside are looking for
something called the Tree of Life, which I've found no evidence of


* Drop items on the ground in the forest maze to make a map of it.
There are 4 rooms in the maze that all look the same
* All the other places I've found that look like mazes are actually
traps that you can't get out of (hills, deserts, etc.) without loading a
saved game or restarting
* Tie up the raft on the red dock to keep it from floating away
while you're exploring the humans' area; there's no way to get it back
that I know of without loading a saved game or restarting
* Ask the man in the Forestown tavern about WAY to get one way
through the forest, but there are a total of 3 places besides Forestown
that the forest leads to


* Hit gong with rubber mallet to make a bridge across the lake to
get to the Dwarf mountain
* Dig on the beach to get a coin
* Push the rock in the mallet cave to open a hole leading down
(didn't find anything but death down there though)
* Say PORTSTRAN on the sandy shore to teleport the raft to the
grassy shore to bypass the rapids on the river (to get back, just ride
the raft east on the river, through the rapids)

I'm really curious to see if anyone can get farther than I did. Post or
e-mail me if you find anything out that I haven't mentioned.

Ben Shadwick
bshadwickAT@ATcomastDOT.DOTnet (spam-proof - I hope)
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.arts.int-fiction,rec.games.int-fiction,comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure (More info?)

    These games do seem to be very obscure. I could only find one other
    game that Steve Blanding wrote in his Shareware days, a platform-style
    game. I think he works for Microsoft now, making sports games, but I
    may be mistaken.

    I downloaded the package "dquest.zip" from the IF Archive, and opened
    the .COD files in a text editor, and noticed that they were encoded
    with a very simple algorithm (compared to the way Z-files encode their
    text, for example). After a little trial and error, I found that each
    ASCII code is shifted by +3 characters. For example, the word "wkh"
    decodes to "the". I can write a little program that decodes the text
    quickly; then it should be easy to find the solutions to various
    puzzles in the game. I won't post the decoded text here, but will email
    it to you if you think that will be of use.

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