Can't figure out slow network problem

Ok thought before my Wireless Access point was the problem but I was wrong....

So I went and bought a netgear r6300 router I believe is the model number, still having problems loading videos, my computer network card only supports the 2.4Ghz but my laptop is on the 5.0Ghz channel and same problem, the videos are buffering slowly, at first they take off but then a quarter way into the video it slows right down the buffer bar.

I go to and my desktop on the 2.4Ghz has DL speed of 18.27mbps which is well above global average and the laptop is clocking at 34mbps for the first half of test then 22 for the last half of it.

My setup is TWC cable modem > wired > netgear n900 > wired > netgear R6300, I just think its weird that just like the videos that the on the laptop acted the same way, as in, start off strong then weaker down

Any idea's on whats going on with this ? or How I can fix it or things I can check to narrow down the problem ?
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  1. what kind of cable modem?

    how is the R6300 connected to the N900? LAN or WAN port?
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