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Playstation 2 and X Box

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September 22, 2002 12:51:56 PM

Can my plextor plexwriter 4012ta be used to make workable copies of Playstation 2 and/or X-BOX Games? Just wanted to know (for back up of course!!!) as I plan on getting one or both systems in the coming months.

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September 22, 2002 9:14:48 PM

No, both consoles use DVDs

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September 23, 2002 7:59:19 PM

guess that answers that question, which leads to another there a dvd burner out there that can copy games???
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September 23, 2002 8:18:22 PM

Don't know which DVD burners can copy games.

Both consoles use protections that prevent the use of copies. Sony's Playstation 1 and 2 have never had the protection broken by software. You need a mod chip that will allow the use of of "backup copies".

I seem to recall that Xbox's was broken but I don't know the details.

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September 28, 2002 10:02:23 PM

my ps2 uses normal cd's, think the odd larger game's use dvd's but not found one, only been told. you will need a mod chip of some description for either machine
September 29, 2002 1:00:38 AM

My mistake on PS2. I thought it was DVD only.

By the way, does PS2 play old PSX games?

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September 30, 2002 4:51:37 PM

Yes the PS2 will play PS original games you will need to use PS memory to store saved games the PS2 memory will not work with PS games.
September 30, 2002 5:12:52 PM

Thanks, my nephew will be glad to know this.

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October 5, 2002 9:30:55 PM

This is a good source of info for that type of stuff:

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October 6, 2002 2:55:00 AM

If you want to do it, your going to have to shell out an extra $100 for the mod chip. This is assuming you know how to open it and do the soldering yourself. If you don't, your going to have to pay an extra $50 to $100 for a pro to do it for you. And did i mention it voids your warrenty?

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October 18, 2002 6:07:34 AM

First thing you need (for either system) is a mod chip. There is a no solder modchip that was just released for the Xbox - otherwise the next easiest install is 11 wires to solder. (I have chips available and can install if anyone is interested - or I can sell you a box with a chip already installed - email me at if interested...)

Now for the PS2 I don't know much more about copying the games.
As to the Xbox - here is a basic idea of how it all works.
#1 you can download the games and burn them
#2 you run a program called Evolution X from you xbox and connect to your PC via network. Put original disc in xbox and transfer the files to the PC - then make the files into an 'xISO' (using xISO program on your PC) and then burn to disc.

A few notes: The Xbox dvd drive was made so that it will not read CD-R's very well, if at all. People seem to have more success with CD-RW's. My xbox will not read either one. So if a game is small enought to fit on a CD-R/W, you CAN burn it with your CD burner. Some groups have released games that will work from 2 CD-R's. The rest of them need to be burned to DVD-R/W.
Another option is to install a larger hard drive, copy the games to it and run them from there. Makes for very fast loading times... And someone even rigged up an external box with 3 160 gig dives that he could switch between them - total of 411 gig due to limit of 137 gig recognized per drive.

As I said this is just the basics - there are a LOT of details that have been left out - it is not as simple as plugging in a bigger hard drive and away you go.
Hope this answers some of you questions.

If you have any more questions let me know here or e-mail me.
October 18, 2002 12:53:48 PM

I didn't realize things had advanced so far, so quickly, with the Xbox. I also didn't know that games could be moved to the hard drive. I had heard about the hard drive upgrade and saw a how-to somewhere.

Xbox sensitive to media? I know Playstation had a trim pot that can be adjusted to be more friendly to CD-Rs. Does Xbox have this? Also, have you tried different media? My home DVD player (second generation Toshiba) never played CD-Rs but I recently started using Taiyo Yuden manufactured discs and now my home player works fine. (For 4 years I had been using CD-RWs to port music - I still like CD-RWs because they are reusable).

3 160-GB hard drive! LMAO!

Thanks for all the info, waferj. I'm still staying away from Xbox, myself, since the only games that interested me were Halo and Splinter Cell.

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October 19, 2002 6:27:33 AM

I have tried about 6 different brands of CD-RW with no luck - plan on getting the Sony DRU-500 here soon anyway - I know DVD-R's work on my box.
Something else you all may not know is that there are a ton of emulators available on the Xbox: Mame, N64, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, GBA, Commodore 64, Atari Lynx, a PC 'emulator' that will run windows 95 (good for playing dos games) and several more that I can't remember at the moment...
So if you like some of the old classic games you can do it all in one machine. Some people have even built a standup arcade machine out of an Xbox running MAME!
Also linux is up and running...
Things have really exploded in the last few months.
October 19, 2002 3:06:24 PM

Thanks. Sorry, for the late reply. Didn't see it. I must have forgotten to click the auto email option.

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October 19, 2002 3:16:35 PM

Emulators, cool! I ocassionally feel nostalgic and play some of the emulators you mentioned. On a console? That's impressive.

Do you have any links for the Xbox community?

Thanks for all the information.

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October 20, 2002 6:10:27 AM

:D o you have any links for the Xbox community?

The site that I primarily frequent had their hard drive 'accidentaly' formatted by the web hosting company. Another site is