Always takes a long time to shut down?

Everytime I shut down my computer it takes about 7 minutes to shut down.....I am really sure this is not normal....can anybody help me with why this happens?
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    Follow these steps::

    Scan your computer with an antivirus
    Apply De-fragmentation on your system
    Delete all temporary files
    Run disc clean up
    Fix registry errors.

    Also Services.msc:

    Click Start, type services.msc in the Search box. Press ENTER. Right click and stop each service which is not necessary for you.
  2. You most likely have a misbehaving program that is reluctant to shut down. If you are part of a domain, your pc may be trying to write to the network before shutting down and is having problems doing so.
  3. ok thanks it works now :) it was something to do with the temporary files that you mentioned I think....but it shuts down in like half a minute now :D
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