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I've been meaning to ask this for some time. I have several wired pc's and several wireless pc's on my home LAN. I tend to use one of my wireless notebooks the most. I choose to keep a relatively small HDD in it, so I don't use it for storage. I have SHARED folders on my wired PC's that I use for storage. So when I download a file using my laptop, I save it to one of my wired PC's shared folders. The problem is it is really downloading to my laptop first and THEN simply moving the file to the shared folder. It is using the resources twice. I would like the laptop to initiate the download to a networked shared folder and that download be independent of the laptop from that point, so if I were to even shut the laptop off, the download would still continue to the networked shared folder.
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  1. That will not work. But if you remote control a PC desktop you can initiate the download on a PC from your laptop.
  2. Thanks for your response. I am aware of the Remote Desktop Connection option and do use it for that purpose from time to time. The problem is when I use the RDC and someone as at the remote computer, it kicks them off. It just seems to me there has got to be a way for Computer A to initiate a download to Computer B without it ACTUALLY being downloaded to Computer A first. Any fresh ideas not involving RDC?
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    You can save a download to any network folder, the issue is that the downloading is being done by the computer you started it on, so when you shut if off, the download stops. No way to get around that except to start the download on the system that will be left on.

    There are routers and maybe some other devices that have a download client (bit torrent for example) built into them so you can download right from the device and not a computer.
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