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Hello I recently made some big upgrades to include a new cpu, motherboard, cpu cooler, power supply and Windows 8. I since installing the OS, I have been running into this at start up all the time. Seems to be fine once I acknoledge the issue, but at some point I would like it to go away. Please help me out to pinpoint the problem so I can take care of it. Thanks for you help.

Here is the event log saved in .xml I had a hard time navigating through the event finder to pinpoint exactly which one is needed to show you guys. So i did a whole log. Sorry I think the first 7 or so on the list might be the ones because this was at start up. Thanks for the help
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  1. Please go into search event viewer and find the error and post the error and post the the details or send to Microsoft and they will get back. we need to see what is causing the error and that can be found in event viewer.
    In metro search for event viewer. there you will see an error event. open that and see what is the source of the error.
  2. after reading the log, one area and I'm not done yet
    'C:\ProgramData\ATI\ACE\Profiles.xml' is denied
    seems in this there is a permission error uninstall drivers our update video drivers and install using compatibility with admin rights
  3. I will surely try this out, I will let you know if it works
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