Can Access Router But Not Internet

First time I have used this forum so apologies if I do it incorrectly.

I just got my desktop running, built it myself, and the internet had been working fine. It started having issues a few days ago where it will connect to the router and says it is connected to the internet. I cannot do anything on the internet, however. Web pages will not load and my steam client does not connect. In command prompt, I can ping google and it pings at ~70ms but will time out occasionally, not super often. To this router, 5 other computers do not seem to have a problem connecting. My desktop can connect to a hotspot I make with my phone however and runs well on the internet. I can surf and connect to steam on the desktop through the phone. The ping is much higher, anywhere from 200-400ms. I imagine it is some setting but I have no idea why it isn't working.

Please Help!
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  1. what OS are you running?

    have you tried disabling IP6 in the network card properties?
  2. Os is Windows 7. Is IP6 the IPv6? What is that btw. Seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks so much.
  3. the thing is not all devices/routers support IP6 and therefore can cause a problem
  4. I was perhaps overzealous in saying it is fixed. It is 100% better, I can surf well occasionally but it has intermittent bouts of slowness. Still the same story, will connect to router and says it is connected but won't move. Other computers on the same router don't have the same problem. Wondering if there are other settings that could be causing the problem.
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