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I am trying to create a hotpots (Wifi) in a campus within a rang of 2.5km to 3.5km radius from one network control center, trying to avoid multiple repeaters due to power problem as my control center has solar power back system. I have tried sectorial antenna with 120 degree, 12 - 18 dbi. Most part of the areas can only see one bar or at most two bar as signal strength

What kind of equipment would be best in that case ? We lives in Edo State, Nigeria
and if the needed hardware is available, how do we get it or order for it.

Thank you for all suggestions.

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  1. If you know about directional antenna then you already know the key issue/solution.

    You have pretty much done all you can on the central location which means you need direction antenna on the user end to improve it and few users even if they could attach it would tolerate a 18db gain antenna attached to their PC.

    As you guessed the only solution really is repeaters.

    Something that you could try I guess would be to try to build a passive repeater. It will only provide a very small increase if it works at all.

    What you do is take a high DB gain direction antenna and directly attach it to a high db gain omni directional antenna. You must directly couple them without a cable since you are already losing signal just doing this connection. The theory is that the direction antenna picks up the signal and then sends it out in all directions via the omni. Fairly cheap to try but it is mostly used to get around obstructions where a direction antenna has no line of site.
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