BSOD and chkdsk wont run now (very long)

i wrote this to a friend so forgive the tense and other statements about past events. Dell 2009 machine with win 7 pro and 4 gigs ram

also if you want to avoid reading all this just tell me how to get chkdsk to run because thats my real issue i'm worried about now

1. For the past week been having issue with rpcnet.exe or something like that..i think it’s a file that is included with dell lojack but I never paid for it so don’t know why it’s there. My Anvir program said new startup program with rpcnet was trying to load and I hit quarantine or delete every boot up. it seemed to appear every time I rebooted for days then and then just disappeared after a few more days
2. Being worried, I downloaded at least 3 other malware programs and ran them…no issues…
3. Last week updated to zonealarm 10.2 from 10.1. it now includes antivirus so I had to disable it because I use essentials…it took a reboot to ‘take’ but the antivirus did remain off then
4. As I told you before, that malwarebyte program was apparently doing more than ZA but I decided not to use it for real time protection and disabled it. All manual scans showed all ok
5. Thinking comodo may be a better firewall that ZA, I installed it yesterday morning. It installed ok but then crashed upon reboot to complete the install
6. In safe mode I tried to do system restore and it said C disk structure error and would I like to run chkdisk upon reboot..yes!
7. For the next few hours I tried every trick I could…wouldn’t do a chkdsk..tried last good known configuration upon boot, tried the command prompt as an administrator..did chkdsk /f and /r and even one other one..never ran..ever..not even on reboot. Thing is I could stay in safe mode and surf the web and try to find answers with no errors at all. But when I rebooted, BSOD..the error codes I got lead to some sort of disk error..i couldn’t defrag nor chkdsk. Heck the C drive still to this day doesnst show up as being able to be defragged but I only have 2 gigs of memory left on the machine so it probably cant be?
8. I uninstalled comodo with a generic uninstaller but since it crashed after I installed it, I thought comodo was the problem
9. I decided to do msconfig and then uncheck a bunch of things starting up..i unchecked so many when I rebooted it actually did work and boot OK! I also meanwhile uninstalled ZA to rule that out as an issue.
10. When I booted up, Anvir asked me about 75 things starting up with the machine, I saw most were Microsoft but got tired of hitting ACCEPT after about 30. So left the rest turned off for now.
11. Reinstalled ZA 10.2 and got immediate BSOD upon completion of install. I’m assuming this means it wasn’t my other programs at and it just coincidentally worked because I deleted ZA and then unchecked startup items at the same time.
12. Went to safe mode and removed ZA
13. Reinstalled ZA 10.1 and got immediate BSOD
14. Deleted ZA and all works well. It HAS to be ZA that is the issue..correct?
15. Still cannot run chkdsk but the C drive does show up under the disk management screen
16. I also ran some other scan (SFS file check??) and that said was errors but I cant fix them since no chkdsk

The machine seems to be back to “normal” now, I have just windows firewall on plus essentials antivirus. But I do want another firewall. I just think something is really fishy that I cannot run chkdsk and confirm the disk is ok. I cant find my dell windows 7 recovery disk but I have a full XP disk and tried to run it to get to recovery console but I got a BSOD with that disk and never got into it even. So any ideas what would prevent chkdsk from running even though I hit yes when it asks me to do it upon reboot? I cannot get over the nagging feeling something else is wrong here. one time I did get something about a dirty ‘something’ being set on the machine so I’m not sure if that’s whats preventing me from running chkdisk.

Im tempted to reload my last backup from March and I have saved all the 2 months of data since then. but I guess if it works now, no point in doing that. But until I can run a disk scan I just wont feel right
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  1. Well, you have some mess there...

    luckydriver said:
    But when I rebooted, BSOD..the error codes I got lead to some sort of disk error..

    Those error codes would be useful to have here. At the moment, we don't know, if you have bad sectors (let's hope not) or "just" file system inconsistency.

    Have you also tried the scheduling method described in the first answer on this page:
  2. the code i got for the most part upon reboot was

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: f4
    BCP1: 00000003
    BCP2: 89DBF030
    BCP3: 89DBF19C
    BCP4: 83A35DF0
    OS Version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 256_1

    the code i got from putting the xp disk into windows 7 is at home on a piece of paper so i dont have that with me

    i have not tried the scheduling method above but will review it tonight when i get home for sure
  3. Hmm... I googled around, but not found out much about those codes either... something about input/output, but it can be memory related too, or even faulty hdd cables, something like that.

    Maybe you should do that backup-restoration, and see if the problem persists. The least I would expect from that is that checkdisk will work.

    Or you could download a Windows 7 install disk, and burn it to a DVD for its repair console. Links can be found here:
  4. I realize i may have misunderstood..the 1st reply in that thread is

    Let's schedule a Disk Check:

    1) Open Computer, right-click on the hard drive you want to check, then choose Properties.
    2) On the Tools tab, click Check Now...
    3) Check both options, then click Start.
    4) In the popup, click Schedule Disk Check.

    Reboot your computer. The check could take several hours, depending on how many errors it finds and the size of your drive.

    and i have tried that with no success

    however lower in that thread there are other things i havent tried yet.
  5. i will poke in for a second to suggest getting:
    Hiren's BootCD 15.1
    however the disk utilities on that won't solve a hard disk controller error; IF that is the problem.
  6. good news..i think

    after reading thru many of the pages linked into this thread, i think i figured it out. i had tried at least 10 of the steps/suggestions including changing the registry..and tons of other things

    however i found one step which recommended just making a win 7 disk from within control panel..i did that then booted into it and did run system said it repaired files

    then i went into windows and i was able to scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors and it actually ran all the way thru was 5 stages and said no errors..never did this before

    i still cannot get it to run chkdsk upon bootup but that seems irrelevant now

    for the fun of it i'm gonna try to install ZA to see if it crashed again sometime :)

    thanks for your far so good
  7. Great!
    Drive safe ;-)
  8. i spoke too soon..opened up the lid to get out of hibernation and got a

    'your system cannot come out of hibernation' \hiberfil.sys Status Oxc0000411

    then unbelievabley it ran a chkdsk!..i guess it fixed it but geez this just is incredible...will have to troubleshoot that code now..never saw it before and always came out of hibernation ok
  9. Quote:

    This indicates that a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.

    Probably one of two things: The OS is corrupted, or a RAM error. Run memtest86/Prime95 [blend test] to check the RAM.

    If that comes clean, given how you did "registry fixes", a clean install might be the way to go.


    The system has failed to hibernate (The error code is %hs). Hibernation will be disabled until the system is restarted.

    Likely due to the same cause above.
  10. id have to dig to find my dell disks but from what i remember it's just a disk that brings you back to day one when you got the machine, not a true 'clean install'?

    or is that the same thing? i do have some programs that cannot be installed again ( so i really hope it wouldnt be necessary.
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