Looking for the best way to set up a network or 2 networks

I have 5 Macs & 1pc which layout like this. I have 2 iMacs & 1 laptop in my office - 2 on ethernet, 1 wifi. My wife has in her area 1 iMac, 1 Mini Mac & 1 Intel PC - 2 on ethernet, 1 wifi and 2 iPads-wifi 3 usb printers 2 ethernet printers I have a satellite internet system coming into a modem with only 1 ethernet connection for the best set up, what must I buy? and how to configure it? I have 1 switcher D-Link Dir-655B1 :o try to keep the price low
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  1. does the wifi signal reach to were you need it?

    if so all you need is a 5 port giga switch and connect it to the D-Link to add more network ports.

    what is your budget?

    why do you need five printers?
  2. I have a block build for an office the signal degrades after 50' so I need wifi at the end of the run as well in my office as for the 5 printers 1 color plotter 1 black and white platter again 2 11"x17" printers and a cheap usb printer
  3. you could use another router and configure it as an AP (Access Point) and connect it to your D-Link via network cable. this will leave you with 3 network ports on each device.

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