Computer i bought today is running extremely slow

Hello, I bought a new asus notebook today and all i've done is delete all the useless windows 8 apps and it is running worse than my old laptop with vista..any troubleshooting advice?
processor:intel pentium cpu 987@ 1.50 ghz
64 bit system
i'm not really sure what info you guys need so let me know!
thank you :)
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  1. return it. buy a better one.
  2. Yeah, Win8 is a bug.
    Nah, just kidding. Maybe your are not used to that workflow or the way it handles things. Plus, probably you haven't installed proper drivers for your machine yet. Go to the ASUS website and find the drivers correspondent to your system and then go to your video card website and do the same thing.

    If I were you, I'd get a copy of W7 while we still can. And get rid of that W8 crap, happened to me too, with a Samsung laptop I bought in january. Formatted. Enjoyed.

    Good luck with that, wait for more comments here, sure other guys have more suggestions
  3. What's slow? what's the problem? What did you delete? Not a lot of info there.

    In general, I've found Win8 to be faster on machines I've put it on.
  4. I deleted the travel,news, and weather apps as well as the games. And running the internet (chrome) and switching between programs /windows is slow
  5. What model notebook is it?
  6. niccmann said:
    processor:intel pentium cpu 987@ 1.50 ghz
    64 bit system

    What was your old laptop? The laptop you just bought is kind of a piece of crap, I suspect it really is slower than your old one.

    It's got a 1.5 GHz dual core chip. My budget desktop computer that I built seven years ago, by comparison, had a 2.4 GHz dual core chip, and twice as much memory.
  7. I wouldn't do anything but return it. Talking from a UK perspective you are within your rights to return it with no questions asked. If you start formatting it you might run into problems returning it.
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