1000 Switch, but 100 Router - LAN speed is ???

i'm new to ATT Uverse and they provided a 3801 HGV gateway (modem and router in one). but it's only 10/100. my house is wired for gigabit and all my other hardware is gigabit (apple time capsule, switch etc...).

is my LAN truly gigabit with the 3801 in the mix now? my assumption is that computer to computer traffic still has to talk to the ATT device, which would of course only be a 100Mbs connection... right? or does the switch handle all the communication from computer to computer?
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  1. Device to device traffic will be gigabit; only device to router will be 100 Mbps.
  2. understood. what i don't get is "when" device to router occurs.

    eg - i have a NAS with movies, music etc... if i'm streaming to other devices on my LAN does it check the router for IP? or does this kind of communication skip the router?
  3. Each device 'talks' to the router when they boot up to get their IP address, and seldom after that unless accessing the internet. Device to device communications is direct; the router is not involved.
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