USB Wireless Adapters Not Working

I am currently typing this from the power of a 3G connection.

This PC I am on refuses to work with USB wireless adapters of any shape or size. I have currently tried using 3 Belkin USB wireless adapters, both for 802.11g and 802.11n. I know there is no issue with the USB adapters as I have tried these in a friends computer of EXACTLY the same version of Windows 7 (64 bit Professional). I have tried simple changes, such as switching off Anti Virus and Firewall settings. I have also tried updating drivers, going through setups multiple times, restarting my PC more times than I care to count.

The problem I am now facing is that the USB Wireless Adapter seems to be installed, according to the Adapter List in Device Manager, which is showing no Yellow Triangles in any lists, all seems fine there. No connections can be found, and it cannot be the range, as I am currently sitting in a built up area housing multiple connections that can be found from the same spot as where my PC is.

I am currently using a Belkin USB Wireless Micro Adapter Surf N150 ( ), and I know that the USB adapter aforementioned is in no state of malfunction, as having used it on different machine.

Using a Gigabyte M68MT-S2 motherboard and have had not USB troubles until now. I have never tried configuring my PC for wireless setup previous due to always having been able to connect through a wired connection up until now.

Would appreciate any help that you have to give me :)
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  1. What wireless router are you using and are the network settings -- gateway IP, DHCP, wireless radio channel, etc. all set up correctly. Have you connected to the router using other devices? Is each computer set to automatically obtain an IP address from the gateway?
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