Unable to connect and configure the "slave" router

So I have a dsl modem (Tplink TD-8817) that i connected to my other route that has wifi(CBV734EW ).
I configured them using this thread:

Now the problem:
My pc that is directly connected with lan to my wifi router has acces to the internet.
However when i try to configure the wifi router by going to its ip ( im getting "The webpage unavailable" error. :o
And i am also able to connect to my dsl modem(
The reason i want to configure my wifi modem is the fact that for some reason only 1 wifi device at a time seems to be able to have acces to WAN.

Thanks In Advance
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  1. You need to setup the router with a PC connected directly to it, and with the second router not connected to your DSL Modem/Router.

    You have the IP backwards. The First router in the chain, your DSL Modem/Router combo needs to have the .1 IP, the second one needs to have the .2. You must have missed or not understood that part of the instructions in the post you linked.
  2. I've resetted both modems and tried to configure them again.
    But it seems that its impossible to change the ip of the second one(not the DSL modem).
    Im able to change the ip of the first one (dsl modem).
    So as there is no way of changing the second routers ip( is it still possible to somehow fix this?
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    If you turn off DHCP on the second router, it should get the IP from the first one when connected.
  4. I've just enabled the dhcp on both routers and set the start ip to
    It seems that everything is working fine now including wifi!! :bounce:

    Thanks For Your Help
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