Router Lan side DNS?

Hi All, thanks for taking the time to look at my question.

I have a SBS 2011 server running my network. Server DHCP issues our ip address for our LAN, with DNS set to ip address of sbs server. On my sbs server I have Static IP configured with DNS portion set to its own ip address. My ISP provided DNS addresses so I entered those in the forwarder section of my server's DNS manager.

My question is what should my router have for its LAN DNS setting? Should it only have SBS server ip address? or should it have SBS server dns as well as ISP provided DNS addresses?

Thanks again, and I really appreciate any information
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  1. Depends why you would need a DNS set at all on the router. All the PC use your server. The router itself should not be going to all that many sites and why would it ever need to lookup a dns name from your internal network.

    I would set it to the external DNS and have the DHCP server give the router out as a backup DNS server to all you clients.
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