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Please help me access my wifi

I"m pretty mad and i've google everywhere trying to find the answer, maybe I'm just not searching it right.

My brother is really good with computer and wifi networks, I am definitely not. He recently changed the wifi password so I couldn't connect to the internet and refuses to tell me the new password. I'm at the school library right now typing this out. How can I find out what the password is if the wireless router and cable modem are right there in my living room? Thanks for helping anyone and everyone.
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  1. After perusing the site a bit more trying to find an answer on my own, I do want to add that I'm in no way trying to crack into someone else's wifi router or modem. I don't want to hack it or anything, I just want to know what I can physcially look at on the router or whatever that would let me log in to the internet. Thank you.
  2. Since we have no way to verify that you are in fact authorized to connect to that particular access point you won't get any help here.

    Asking for assistance in hacking/cracking or otherwise bypassing security is forbidden in these forums.
  3. What do I need to do to verify it then? Have my mom get on here lol? The router and modem are sitting in my house. I just want to know a way that I can connect to it wirelessly instead of having to plug in my cable to the back of the router. How do I find out the new password when I'm physically connected to it?
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    You'll have to deal with your brother. There's no way you can prove to us that you are authorized.
  5. No.
  6. so being able to physically plug into my router isn't enough?
  7. Well since this community isn't very helpful and I just found the answer myself, I'll post the answer here since it may help someone else.

    When you connect to your wireless router via wired cable, you will automatically be logged on to the netword. Once logged on, click on your wireless center, then right click on the network you are connected on and choose properties.

    Once the properties menu is up, click on the security tab, then check the box that says "show character". The asterix's will change over to readable password and that is the wireless password.

    Thanks a lot bubblehead. You were too polite and helpful. I was totally not authorized to use the wireless internet in MY OWN HOUSE :sarcastic:
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