How to transfer and link programs/files between a SSD and HDD?

I just built a system with a SSD and a regular Sata 3 mechanical HDD. My SSD is starting to fill up and I need to transfer some programs and files to my HDD. I downloaded a program called SymMover and successfully transferred a couple files but don't want to rely on software. I've never had a system with two drives before and I'm not sure whats the best way to do this. Can you guys help me out? How do I manually transfer and link programs and files between both drives?
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  1. What you are doing with Symmover is moving the actual files but keeping a link so the OS can access them from the original "location".

    What you can do is either keep doing what you are doing or uninstall your applications/games and install them again to the new drive. This would phsyically rmove them from the SSD and put them on the new drive, you would not have to worry about linking them with Symmover.
  2. You typically can't move a program to another drive unless you uninstall and reinstall it to that drive being that many files are registered and many registry keys created that point to the original location.

    So as pointed out above your best bet would be to uninstall the program and then reinstall the program to the new drive. If you have programs you dont have the installer for, then try using that program to move them. This will limit your reliance on it. Your data however, you can do a straight move and then the only thing it would effect would be recent links or any shortcuts you made to that specific file.
  3. agreed it's better to uninstall and reinstall, but next time make sure you choose wisely as this stuff is a hassle I learned it the hard way before ahahaha. wasted a few min trying to uninstall and install again
  4. What's your OS and which file system did you use?

    If you're using NTFS you can use NTFS junctions to create links between the 2 drives

    On Win7 you can use the MKLINK command to create those links

    Edit: Check this out

    Also this might not always be the simplest thing to handle, it might be easier in some cases to just reinstall whatever you need to move.

    To find where your space is being used I suggest getting TreeSize Free (
    This is the method that I used to move my Program Files, My Documents, Users and ProgramData directories from my SSD while letting Windows think they were still there.
    It allows me to install programs normally without changing the directory in the options while not taking up any space on the SSD while still letting me install certain programs on the SSD (in a different directory) so they start faster.
  6. I'm using Windows 7 with a NTFS file system. I will try all of these methods and see which is easiest for me. Thanks for the help guys. :D
  7. Windows has a little known built in feature to do that. I use it to put some of my steam games on my HDD, even though my Steam is installed on my SSD.(Even though steam doesn't allow you to move its games directory)

    Its called symbolic Links and requires some command line use, but is straightforward.
  8. Be careful I've read that the file that Comikazi shows has more flaws than the ones that are show.
  9. papagym said:
    Be careful I've read that the file that Comikazi shows has more flaws than the ones that are show.

    Over 3 months so far and not one problem. If it does have flaws mind pointing them out and helping instead of just being cryptic and keeping it all to yourself?
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