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I have a computer sitting behind a TV that can only connect to me network through a wireless card. My new PVR can be controlled remotely as long as it's on my network, but only has an ethernet port. Luckily there is also an ethernet in the computer, so with a simple short wire I have connected the two, and have bridged the wireless card and LAN card, so now I can access the PVR from my mobile phone.

The problem is that I can no longer reach the computer through Remote Desktop in Windows when away from home, but have no issue once I am at home and my laptop is on the same network.

I left the router port forwarding to the reserved DHCP address that I was using before creating this setup.

Any clues how to fix this, as I am no expert?
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  1. It is the same for me. Also the TV only finds the PC at the precise moment I click "See full map" within the network settings. It is very weird.
  2. I can’t be 100% sure, but let me speculate what *could* happen.

    When you create a bridge between two network interfaces, you end up creating a THIRD network interface w/ its own TCP/IP configuration. So it will either use DHCP or be assigned a static IP like any other network interface. Also, the two network interfaces used to make that bridge effectively lose their identity. IOW, the two previous network interfaces transform into a new, single, network interface.

    So imgaine the consequences. When you setup your port forwarding, it was probably based on the static IP you defined when you did NOT have the bridge established. But now you bridge them and that IP changes! So the port forward no longer works.

    Why would it still work when inside your LAN. First, you're obviously not using the port forward. Second, you may be UNbridging them when you get home. And third, if you refer to the device by NAME, that will resolve to whatever the current IP address is at that time, whether it's bridged or not.

    Again, a lot of speculation here, but I can envision such a scenario that *might* explain this behavior.
  3. Thank you for the reply. What you say makes sense, and I will definitely try it and report back. Unfortunately that will take a few weeks, as the day you wrote, I slipped on ice and broke my ankle so getting behind the TV and re-wiring the Ethernet to the PVR is impossible. That's also the reason for my late thank you.

    Thanks again,

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