What Browser should i use?

I have Windows 7. I got Windows 7 from a CD, not from a new computer. My computer is kind of old, and when i use Internet Explorer 9 my internet is slow. I would like advice for what browser is best suitable for surfing, and what browser is best for a computer like mine.
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  1. I personally use Google chrome, and I know it is much lighter on resources than IE9, and also faster to browse websites on.
  2. Mozilla Firefox, it's the fastest.

    You probably could benefit from more ram.
  3. Chrome uses massive quantities of memory per tab. With just a few tabs open it can use over 2GB of memory. It's far from being "light on resources".

    Firefox is well known for being bloated and slow. If you have to choose between the two, Chrome is probably the best choice at this point as web standards are leaning towards supporting webkit more.

    However the most obvious choice might be Opera. It runs very well on low-end systems, is faster than Firefox, and uses less resources than Chrome. Unless there's a specific reason you don't want to use it, give Opera a spin.
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