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Help me please.... (XP+live+online gaming)

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September 26, 2002 9:43:53 AM

need your help. been having this problem for some time now... i think that creative are not treating me too seroius. here is the comunication between us:
Problem Description:

had a problem i couldnt solve 4 a long time:
i had dual boot : 98 & XP and live value. each time i used
the XP i had horrible lags on Counter Strike (online games
in general). on the 98 things were fine!
i bought new computer (installed XP and 98) and found out
that the lag problems were solved! later i found out that my
friend has a Live! platinum he could spare so i took it. to
my amazment i found out the lag problem returned after i
installed the live platinum! i did 1+1 and figured that i
used my onboard sound card before the lag returned.
so i searched a little and found out that ONLY if i disable
sound accleretion on DXDIAG the lag end. the problem is that
i have latency in sound.
its latency in connection vs latency in sound!
how do i solve this thing?

Troubleshooting Steps Performed Thus Far:

replaced non creative sound card
reduced sound accelaration
played online games on 98


If you have downloaded the latest drivers for your sound card, you may have the CTZapXX.exe in your system. Please search for it, run it to uninstall and reinstall your drivers.
After you have found it, Please double click on it to uninstall your drivers first. Reboot your system and do not let Windows to install drivers after it has detected your sound card. Cancel and run again the CTZapXX.exe file to install the drivers.



Well, I tried and it didnt work. There must be a
better solution than reinstalling the drivers...



1. Temporarily uninstall all firewall, antivirus, and background monitoring software.

2. Disable all items currently initialized in your system tray, which is where the clock is located on your taskbar on the bottom right.

3. Close all programs via MSCONFIG:

a) Click START / RUN / Type MSCONFIG and press ENTER.


c) Select the SERVICES tab and select HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES.

d) Uncheck all results and click OK.

e) Click OK and reboot when prompted.

4. Uninstall all software relating to the application from ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in the CONTROL PANEL and select YES (YES TO ALL) to any SHARED FILE prompts.

5. Delete the application's program folder (C:\PROGRAM FILES\CREATIVE\"NAME OF APPLICATION").

6. Reinstall the application, keeping all applications disabled.

7. Reboot if prompted and reinstall all software removed in STEP 1.


Hi creative,

Been doing the 2 steps and no results. I must tell
you that i dont believe that installing the drivers
and removing progies that load @ the boot will help
but i became quite dispare so i follow you guys like a
good boy ;-).
i know that this problem is common, i'm admining a
gaming site and i know that there are some readers of
mine that suffer from the "Live+XP" problem too thus
avoiding to upgrade to XP. hopefully we'll solve this
problem and i'll publish it at the site.

10x, and waiting for a reply,

The following files are available for your Sound Blaster Live! Platinum running under Windows XP:

This is a Sound Blaster Live! Windows 2000/XP Driver update
Revision: SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US
Date: 7/17/2002 Size: 25.9 MB
(you will need this file)

This package upgrades all versions of PlayCenter from v1.01.xx to v3.02.50
Revision: PC3-WEB-1-US
Date: 7/17/2002 Size: 10.9 MB
(you may not need this file)

This package upgrades the Creative Recorder to version (2.00.31).
Revision: SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US
Date: 7/17/2002 Size: 4.3 MB
(you may not need this file)

This package upgrades the Creative MiniDisc Center to version (1.01.15)
Revision: SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US
Date: 7/17/2002 Size: 3.4 MB
(you may not need this file)
This file COMBINES the files listed above into a SINGLE DOWNLOADABLE FILE!.
Revision: SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US
Date: 7/17/2002 Size: 52.1 MB
(you may not need this file)

All of these can be obtained by visiting the following URL:

If you have already used CTZapXX.exe to uninstall and reinstall these drivers then you may have an IRQ conflict.


2. Click the VIEW pull-down menu and click RESOURCES BY TYPE. Click the plus (+) to the left of INTERRUPT REQUEST (IRQ). You will see a list like the one shown below:

(ISA) 0 - System Timer
(ISA) 1 - Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
(ISA) 6 - Programmable Interrupt Controller
(ISA) 8 - Communications Port (COMx)
...and so on...

3. Specifically, please let us know all of this information in a reply to this message.

It may be nessessary for you to switch PCI slots in your computer.


Hi again.
tried two live cards on two computers. live! value and
live! platinium on 2 systems:
pentium 3 (815EP chipset)
and pentuim 4 (sis 648 chipset)
the result is the same!
LiveDrvPack.exe and the rest r included in and installed on my system, it
happened on older drivers too. plz dont give me an
here are couple of forum threads i gathered so u'll
know i'm not alone (there are plenty more):
(did what david wrote at the last post and it's no
ack.htm (again, no good)
please, there is something very wrong here!


PLZ kind ppl, help!

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September 28, 2002 9:36:56 PM

I didn't catch if your non-creative sound card was onboard or not. If it is, disable it before you even think about installing creative drivers. Creative doesn't like competition and neither do their soundcards.

If the above doesn't work, there are a few problems you could be facing. Dual OSs both using the same file system like to reorganise each other to their own specifications. Your winXP soundcard drivers might be trying to access the files installed in your win98 install directory.

My cousin and I both figured out how to make the !Live card run smooth on XP. I had the Platinum card and my cousin had the MP3+ card.

To keep it simple, when installing XP make sure the soundcard is the last hardware peice you install drivers for. Make sure no other versions of drivers exist on your system. Do not download the driver update from Microsoft if you wish to use Creative's driver bundle or vice versa.

If this doesn't help, let me know and I'll do some searching for you. Who makes your board and what chipset does it have.

Me: Asus; VIA KT266A Chipset
Cousin: Asus; AMD 761 Chipset

Pain is the realization of your own weakness.
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