D-Link DIR-655 vs. Asus RT-N66U

Sorry to beat a dead horse. I don't come here too often, but I know this forum is great when it comes to answers. So here's my question.

I've owned a D-link DIR655 for 2-3 years now and it's served me well. Recently it's been dropping wifi signals I would have to reset it to get it going again.

Also there's more wifi devices around the house now also and it seem to be a little slower on the wifi.

I've been reading about the asus rt-n66u, and it's got some great reviews, but I don't know if it's better or faster then the dlink dir-655. Sorry I'm not computer savvy too much.

There's 2 ps3, a few iphone, ipod touch, and ipad on wifi. Everybody is streaming netflix to playing call of duty on the ps3 in the evening the wifi is slow.

Thank you!
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  1. The reason that the DIR-655 is dropping connections is that you are now probably using more connections than it can reliably handle.

    The only real advantage to the asus rt-n66u is that it has concurrent dual band N, which would only be useful if you have some devices with 5GHz wireless adapters, otherwise all the connections would still be 2.4GHz and your performance would probably not improve much.

    If you don't have a second wireless AP on a different radio channel yet, that might be a better solution, as you could divide up your heavy bandwidth using devices between the APs and even a second DIR-655 configured as an AP would better deal with all your wireless connections.

    You might also want to flash your current DIR-655 to the latest firmware revision.
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