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I just got a new HDD and installed WIndows 7. I tried to install fallout 3: there were no errors. But, when I tried to play it, it came up with this error: "The ordinal 5360 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll". PLEASE help!
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  1. Did you download the fallout 3 patch's or updates?
  2. What are your specifications? Have you tried installing new drivers?
  3. See if this helps you any; same error message and appears that Games for Windows (which is in Win7) works into your games whether you know it or not.
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    It's Veni, Vidi, Vici - Came, Saw, Conquered
  5. Download and install this will Fix all your problems.

    I realize the thread is 6 months old, but I ran into this problem today, and this is how I fixed it.
  6. Hi crazy1291

    What is the download? The link you provide only points users to the Microsoft Games for Windows site. If there is a specific download that fixes the error mentioned in this thread, can you provide the direct location to the download?

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