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Conecting a PC to a Surround Sound home theatre system?

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September 29, 2004 9:04:07 PM

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Is this possible? And if so, is it complicated?
September 30, 2004 10:16:59 AM

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> Is this possible?


> And if so, is it complicated?

As complicated as you want it to be. I assume you're talking about a
surround system here, at least 5.1. What kind of inputs do you have
on your surround system? You need a "sound card" (which may not be a
card any more) that has compatible outputs. Also, you need a suitable
source on your computer.

M-Audio makes an 8-output consumer grade card that's specifically
designed for connecting a computer to a home theater surround system
for such applications as game playing. You could play a DVD on the
computer, too, but I would expect any self respecting home theater
system to have a DVD player, so this seems hardly worth the trouble.

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September 30, 2004 8:30:09 PM

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POC... Piece Of Cake.... especially if you're talking about audio.

I have my windows machine connected to my home stereo setup using a standard
wireless access point and an Apple Airport Express. The Airport Express has
a digital optical output, which connects to my a/v receiver. The only
caveot is you can only use iTunes for music playback, but since I think it's
the best thing out there, no problem.

"Craig James" <> wrote in message
> Is this possible? And if so, is it complicated?