Ati Mobility Radeon HD2300 driver not working?!


I am trying to make an Ati Mobility Radeon HD2300 work on windows 8.

I checked the Amd website and downloaded the latest Radeon HD 2xxx series driver for windows 8.

After installation nothing happens, not even after restarting my laptop. In the Display Settings at the adapter type it says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I don't see any Ati Catalyst icon in the systray.

What is the problem since I downloaded and install without any error the latest driver for this OS?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. If it's for a laptop, you must only download drivers from your laptop manufacturer's website because laptop drivers are customised for that laptop builder. The drivers on the AMD website are the wrong ones since they are not customised for your laptop's hardware.
  2. Yes, it is for a laptop, but the laptop's manufacturer's offers driver support only for windows vista and now I bought a windows 8 that is running very well even the laptop is quite old.

    Is there a way to make the vista's driver to work on windows 8?
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