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noise reproducing sound

Last response: in Components
September 27, 2002 8:52:33 PM

I have a Pentium III 500, 256MB, Trident AGP, Mobo Asus, Sund card ESS 1816; Primary master HD 20G, Primary Slave CD 44x, Secondary master HD 20G, secondary slave CD-RW.
I am having problems reproducing CD audio and AVIs. There is a noise like "POC POC POC ...".
Any directions would be appreciated.
September 27, 2002 10:53:07 PM

hmmm....I'm not sure, but is the noise constantly(or randomly)going
Or if it happens when the music hit the 'loud' point
if it's the second case, that sounds like a over powered record?
(I really don't know how to say it)But, try to disable the equalizer
(if any sort by any chance is on)and/or lower the record volume
hopefully that will work.....

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