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while trying to set up my kids new iphone 4's I changed the security type on my laptop from wpa personal to wpa2 personal. Now I have no connection to my wireless network on it. My desktop, other laptop and netbook are all fine. I don't want to reset the router because I am afraid of losing connection to all of them. Help!
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  1. What os is on the laptop?
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    What os is on the laptop?

    The laptop is a Gateway operating with Windows 7. I can get an internet connection on it if I plug it into the router directly with an ethernet cable. Just can't get through my wireless network at home. Gives me an error saying van.dll is not a valid Windows32 file. I can't find the disc that came with my laptop to download it and I'm having trouble downloading that file off of the internet
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