Do i need to change my ethernet over wall adapter

I have a simple question. I have a Old (about early 2008) Ethernet over adapter wall Plug in. Im wondering , because my ethernet is terribly slow atm, Only getting 1 down 1 up(with wifi i get 15 down 2 up, but my computer doesnt have wifi in it) so im wondering what the problem is. I will randomly DC from gameplay and get extremely high ping when trying to load a webpage. (ive gone through 2 different routers during these 4 years) and i ran my computer directly from my router just fine. so Im wondering if the wall mount is dead? ive reset all the stuff on my router to fresh and my router says im getting the max speeds down and up. but nothing seems to be right.) Should i buy a new Ethernet over power? or what is wrong. Ive tried everything(different places etc) By the way I have 3 of these(one for each room) 2 with 100mbs down 1 with 200mbs and I keep getting the same results. so just wondering what is going on or what i should do, I know ethernet should be faster than wifi and its literally 10x slower.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. The power over ethernet devices tend to work or they do not. Some houses have too much noise on the line. I had a ceiling fan that would make the network unusable when it was on.

    If you have a interference issue its not going to matter much if you buy newer ones or not. The faster models are actually more susceptible to interference so they slow down to the older protocols....much like wireless.

    The easy test for these devices is to plug them all into a power strip and make sure they work very well. If they don't work in a power strip then you may have a case to replace one or more of them. A cheaper power strip works best, there are ones that filter noise which is what it thinks the power line signals are.
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