My laptop ASUS Windows 7 is on but it doesnt start and ERROR appears on the scre

Dear Tom:
I bought my laptop ASUS with Windows Vista installed in it; and after Windows 7 was installed. Now the issue is I can restart it but pressing KEY 8 appears big ERROR in red letters and in right top says: "cannot find file C\RECOVERY.DAT. If I want BOOT it has 2 partitions:

CD/Dvd:P1-TSSTcorp CDDUDW TS-1633A

I don't know where i must to move the arrow and what is the procedure to follow.

Could you please help me? my Email address is:

Many thanks! :hello:
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  1. well HDD is what you want to boot from but it sounds like some data got deleted. will it boot into windows at all? if not then we can rebuild the boot loader or maybe allow windows repair to try and fix things.

    you can insert your windows 7 disk and click on repair, let it run through and see if it can fix it. if it does great, if it does not then post back here and i can tell you the commands to run to rebuild all the boot files
  2. Hi there,

    I have the same issue. except I dont have a disk - i had the set up file on a usb and everything was looking great until this error message popped up at the end. I have an older version of windows on a disk that I tried to install but it looks like the laptop isnt reading anything on disks - doesnt react to any commands when I get to the error screen. Had a look through some of the system settings by pressing f_something(honestly dont know which number i picked - just pressed them all!) Please help totally clueless and cant find the answer anywhere on the net! thanks!
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