LAN Disconnecting Wireless Internet. Can They Coexist?

Hello. I've got a LAN set up with a server and printer, no internet connectivity to it. When I need to access the internet, I connect through a wireless hotspot. The only problem is that I have to unplug the ethernet from my LAN connection for the wireless to work.

Is there a way to have both connections coexist, so that when I need to print something or access a file on my server I can do so without it interfering with my internet connection?

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  1. Make sure the bios allows both ethernet and wireless to be active at one time
    Assign ip address on the ethernet into a different subnet than you use for the wireless and DO NOT set the default gateway on the ethernet settings.

    Most peoples problem is the get the default route on both interfaces
  2. Thanks for the response, John.

    The BIOS setting--is that option standard on most computers?

    The rest should be pretty straightforward. Long as I can be on my wireless internet connection and access my local server.
  3. It is a fairly common feature of laptop bios to disable the wireless if you plug in the ethernet. You are just going to have to try it and see what it does after you set the ip addresses. It may just work if your laptop does not have that as a default. Desktop machines do not generally do that since the wireless is not built into the motherboard.
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