PC2100 or PC2700

I am gonna buy :

Athlon Xp 1800+ , Asus A7V333 VIA , which RAM should i go for : PC2100 or PC2700 ????.... what is the difference in their performance ???
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  1. Go for PC2700 RAM as A7V333 supports PC2700 DDR. PC2700 has more bandwidth than PC2100 and hence performs better. For more details, read the FAQ posted in this forum.
  2. I suggest you PC 2700 even if you are short of money, because it gives you better possibilities for a future upgrade.

    <b>(<font color=yellow>as good as it looks</font color=yellow>)</b>
  3. I will also suggest PC2700 for that MB since AMD will have 333MHz FSB CPU soon.
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