Internet connected but can't get online

Hi all. Writing this from my phone so bare with me. Thanks.

Yesterday I came home from work and my brother told me the internet went down earlier that morning, but it came back up within a few hours. This happens every so often so I didn't pay it any mind. Keep in mind that their computer is downstairs, connected directly to the modem and router with CAT-5; My computer is up stairs connected wirelessly.

I went about my business on my computer for about an hour and a half. Then my internet cut out suddenly. Oddly enoug, when I checked downstairs, they still had Internet. So I reset the router and modem and tried again. Their internet came back up as expected, however mine is now misbehaving.

My connection strength in the lower right hand corner displays that I am still connected. My network says I am connected to the network and have internet access. The network properties say I am sending and receiving packets normally. Even Skype says I am online.

However if I try to send a message on skype, It immediately goes offline for a few minutes before reconnecting. My browsers will not open any web pages. I have zero actual access to the Internet.

I have reset both the modem and router, restarted the computer 3 times, and did a full scan on the computer for any viruses, malware, etc (full scan came up clean). Checked the wires to make sure they are snug.

Downstairs has access with wired connections (computer, Xbox Live). But upstairs on WiFi I have none.

I'm stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Important Specs:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Linksys Wireless N WRT160N V3 Router
Belkin Wireless N+ USB Adapter V2
Comcast Cable ISP

Been running this setup without issue for almost 3 years now.

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  1. please open a command prompt and type: Ipconfig /all and post back the results
  2. OK so now you are on the net that's good. You IP looks fine. Maybe its an interference issue. Make sure your Router is not near any wireless phones etc. and that your neigibours haven't just installed a wireless router on the same channel as you. A program called netstumbler can find this out for you. If you see any strong wifi's on the same channel as yours then this may cause issues.

    I would install the device specific drivers if you have them downloaded.

    If still having problems turn off all power saving options and see if the situation improves over a day.
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