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Hey everyone!

I am trying to help my brother (I am the family IT guy *LOL*).

He recently bought a Dell laptop with Windows8 pre-installed and he can't get anything to download. He can't download e-mail attachments, his windows updates don't seem to be downloading and I can't download a new browser for him. He can see downloads in the downloads folder of the files he has attempted to download, but all of them just show a status of Partial Download with 0kb file size.

He can download and watch movies and we saved a picture off of my Facebook profile as a test, but these other kinds of downloads aren't happening for him. I've checked his Settings and downloads are Enabled.

Does anyone have any idea about what's going on or what else I can look into to help him get this working properly?

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  1. im having the same problem...hope someone has a solution
  2. Install Firefox or Chrome.
  3. I dont know about Chazman, but chrome is one of the programs i am having trouble downloading.
  4. das_stig said:
    Install Firefox or Chrome.

    Thank for tying to help, but it won't download Firefox, or anything else, for that matter. I haven't tried Chrome, but that's because Google wants to install the Google app as well as Chrome and my brother doesn't really need that.

    So, essentially, the problem still exists.
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