WN311B Not Working

Ive had my computer for less than 5 months. I have the Netgear card called WN311B.

I can connect to my wireless signal and have no issues with anything if i just manually do it and click on the network properties and type in the stuff. The problem comes in when i try and use the wizard. I would have no problem just manually doing it but it kicks me out after a while and its quite annoying.

Ive noticed that when im connected with the wizard the entire bottom bar is yellow and not green lettering....... I honestly dont know if its supposed to be green but any extra information helps.

Im running windows 7 on my computer.
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  1. are you using the netgear software to connect?
  2. I was yes, but it was taking to long and not working some times
  3. so is Windows in control of the wireless card now?
  4. I dont know?

    Im not really tech savvy what do you mean?
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