Sudden spikes?

Ok. First of all my config:
Windows 7 Ultimate (7600)
Model No. TL-R402M (router)
Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

And I doubt the rest has any relevance regarding my issue. Now my issue is that once in a while I get this sudden spike. My ping towards google is 5-10ms like 99% of the time. That remaining 1% is either a timed out request or a very high ping (1000-16000ms).

and end result

This issue started to get annoying by the time I was playing League of Legends. In that game having such a spike could be really bad as sometimes the game wouldn't be able to reconnect me on the spot. I really have no clue what could be the reason behind this sudden spike and as such couldn't figure out what to search for except "spike issue/spike win7/etc" and so far the stuff I found prove to be useless. I know it ain't much but I hope someone has an answer.
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  1. Could be a lot of stuff. Lucky you already have taken care of the most common and are not doing wireless.

    You really need another PC to test this. Many times these delay are caused by the games themselves, mostly with video driver issues. So if you were to run the ping on another machine you could at least confirm if it was a network issue or a machine issue.

    The only one you can fix is router issue. You would have to see if the router gives any clue. It could be the router itself has a problem processing the traffic or you are getting errors on your DSL connection.

    If the problem is in the ISP equipment they will most likely not be very helpful even if you can find a tech at the ISP who has half a brain.
  2. Well. Something to add to this would be that my ISP got changed because of some sort of takeover? I don't even know what happened just my old ISP disappeared and these guys took over. My other older PC is connected to the very same router. The problem is it seems a bit hard to get this issue. Sometimes it takes even hours of "ping -t" for it to show any spike and so far on the other PC none have surfaced.
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