No request for enmcrypted wireless password

I am trying to use an encrypted/secure wireless system that serves several i-phones, tv's and laptops.
I have an older( 2005)Toshiba, with Windows XP Pro, and have not had this problem before.
The problem:
I have the SSID. MAC code and password for the router, but when I click on "Connect", it immediately trys to connect, without asking for the password.
I then get the message: No wireless networks in range, try refreshing your list (not verbatim message), even though the router is in the same room and I had 5 green bars.
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  1. I'm going to guess here that you have SSID broadcast disabled. Turn it back on. Disabling SSID broadcast does not enhance security one bit, is actually required by the 802.11 rfc, and XP has always had some issues connecting to a hidden SSID.

    Here's just one writeup on the myth that hiding SSID enhances security:

    Yes, it's 5 years old but it's still relevant
  2. I think you are talking about the SSID for the wireless router (?).
    The router is supplied by CLEAR, and I think that they work through Direct TV. So, in essence it is wireless (fron a satellite into the Dish), that then is transmitted to the devices inthe house. I believe the router is only computer-enabling, and does not have anything to do with the TV's.
    At anyrate, I have no control over the SSID (unless you are referring to my laptop, in which case I don't know how to change it).
    I spent an hour or so on the phone with the CLEAR tech support (in the Phillipines), after which I said "So you don't have any idea how to fix the problem?" and they said "No", I should contact Toshiba.
    By the way, I may not have mentioned, I use this laptop all over the world, and have not encountered this problem hooking up with encrypted systems before.
    Thanks for your help. It sounds like the right answer.

  3. Your old Toshiba may have a wireless chip which can't recognise the newer, higher security levels so if the router is secured to WPA2 and your chip can one work with WEP, you're in a fix. An up-to-date USB wireless dongle will do the job if there's no other answer.

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