How many subnets in and why? I am getting confused about what is the number of borrowed bits. Please explain

Thanking in anticipation
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  1. 1 network with 1022 host addresses >

    Normally would be masked but you have taken 2 bits from the last mask octet making leaving the last 2 bits to be assigned to hosts.
  2. then here how many subnets? 1 subnet ( or 3 subnets? thanks for ur response
  3. [------subnet mask /22-----][-----Host-----]
  4. Quote:
    [------subnet mask /22-----][-----Host-----]

    how many subnets here? thanks
  5. Homework?

    In CIDR notation, /22 = 11111111.11111111.11111100.00000000 so you have 10 host bits, i.e. can have 1024 total hosts (but the gateway and broadcast come out of that so 1022 useable) on one supernet with addresses from -

    You are using a major class C address, which has a default mask of which is /24 (i.e. 24 network bits and 8 host bits). You borrowed two bits from the network portion, hence /22, to increase the host number from 2^8 to 2^10.
  6. thanks for ur response......
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