Connecting an HP 7310 All-in-One Series printer to a network.

Can you help? I have an HP 7310 Series SAll-in-One printer which is currently hooked up to a windows XP based computer via USB. I would like to connect the printer to my network instead, and would like to know which steps to take. Should I uninstall the software from the computer and start from fresh, or is there another way. I am not very savvy when it comes to networking, so I need help to prevent me from messing anything up further. I want to connect the printer to my network, so that I can print from my iMac (which is connected to the network wirelessly). Any help would be appreciated
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  1. this printer can't be "connected" to the network as such. However it can be shared.

    Look at this for your XP machine

    and this for your MAC:

    Your XP machine will "HAVE" to be on and connected to the network as well as the printer otherwise this will cease to work
  2. You can use a USB print server to share the printer on the network, but it will probably only work for printing, not scanning or faxing.

    You can also do the sharing as above, you'll need to have the computer on for the printer sharing to work.
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