Windows 7 working on safe mode and hanging in normal mode in dell vestro

window 7 working on safe mode and unable to choose the another restoration point and it is not loading in normal mode -after installed third party software worked on that for few hours, then after switched off and later it switched on then after this problem started, automatic repair done, nothing is notified, kindly advice me ,
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  1. in safemode open the run dialog and then type msconfig. disable every single service and startup program under the services and startup tabs. then restart and see if it comes up, if it does then go to services and enable all, check the box that says hide microsoft services. then disable the new shorter list and restart. if it comes up then you know its a 3rd party program causing the issue, if it doesnot then its a windows service or a driver and we can go from there.
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Safe Mode Dell Windows 7