LAN Internet extremely slow.

I use a Realtek cable to connect to my router from my desktop. Recently it kept saying limited connection and I had to go and turn off the router turn it back on then push the viable in to the router with some force to get it to work. Now though it has pretty much become a dial up connection, I literally can't watch YouTube videos, I left it for an hour and it never even buffered past the black screen. Everyone else is fine even the other wired connections. Any advice? I would give speeds but I can't load, before this I was downloading at about 700kbs
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  1. have you checked for malware?
  2. Did a full scan with avg, found nothing
  3. did you change the cable?

    manually set the connection speed of the network card to 100 Base-T half duplex
  4. Had the same cabl for at least 5 months randomly started saying local connection only then generally stopped connecting. Also just tryed my wireless card and that can't connect at all. The strange thing is though the every so often during the day I can gt it to run fine for a little while then it crashes again. Might be related but Firefox also stops responding quite often when it is like this, tryed Chrome and the speed is no better.
  5. you network card might be going bad
  6. What do you think I should do get a new cable? I have had the same wireless card for 3 years now
  7. missed that you are connecting via wireless to the router.

    have you tried using newer or older drivers?
  8. I can get a connection with Ethernet but downloads at 8kbs usually 700. Wireless wot connect at all. Never did anything with drivers what should I do?
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