New home wireless network...need help/guidance plz

I bought the ASUS RT-N56U router and tried to set it up on my PC running Windows Vista. I used the ASUS provided CD and went to ASUS Utilities, used the default LAN IP address of and default "admin" for username and password. Went as far as Wireless security level (WPA-2 Personal, and in the end I still could not get an internet connection.

I got on the phone with ASUS tech support and the patient techie spent over 50 minutes with me, tried everything and finally she said that there is a known issue between the ASUS router and Windows Vista. Does anyone ruynning Windows Vista have a similar problem, and if so, how was it solved?

My options as i see it are:
1. Return the router to for a refund
2. Buy another brand router, like the Linksys 2500 (not dual band, but I can live with that)
3. Upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 (when it is available)

What would you do in my case?
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  1. Did you:

    1. Power everything off (including the modem)
    2. Connect the modem to the router's WAN port using an Ethernet patch cord
    3. Connect the PC to one of the router's switch ports using an Ethernet patch cord
    4. Power up the modem (wait for it to finish initializing)
    5. Power up the router (wait for it to finish initializing)
    6. Power up the PC
  2. All this was done. I think the problem is something else. Are you an ASUS RT-N56U user?
  3. Nope, I got big boy toys :)

    What, exactly, happens when you get the router set up? Does the PC pull an address from the router?

    What does this return when run in a command window: ipconfig /all
  4. What are big boy toys? Sorry but I don't go into ipconfig/all stuff
  5. "Big boy toys" = Cisco and custom built equipment
  6. Thanks bubblehead. BTW, Linksys is now a Cisco product. At least it is now owned by Cisco.
  7. Linksys has been owned by Cisco for a good many years. Linksys used to be quite good but Cisco has no clue about the retail market and has let the brand languish. Last I heard they were looking for a buyer for the division.
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