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I am wondering if it's possible to use a remote windows machine as an additional monitor for another Windows Machine.

The reason I ask is rather simple, I have a Windows 7 Tablet, and at times would like to be able to optimize my work area with my laptop by using the tablet as extra display area. I know it's possible for Android and iOS, but is it at all possible for Windows 7? Even without the touchscreen capability, the extra display area would help immeasurably..

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  1. you can do this using VNC, its as easy as starting a VNC and then running the VNC window full screen on the other comp.
  2. I should rephrase - I want to extend my display onto my tablet, Identically to how dual monitors work, not simply clone the display on the tablet - Is this possible with VNC?

    I realize how my earlier explanation could be confusing.
  3. depends what ports the tablet has, u would need somthing like this
  4. There is software for this for other devices, with no hardware required.

    However, it has Windows -> EVERYTHING (Except Windows), I was more wondering if anyone here knew of any similar software, I would have posted the site earlier, but I just found this particular one most recently...
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